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Security Challenges For The Industrial IoT

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), a subset of the IoT evolution, is quite the rage within automation companies as they seek to add a high-margin software component to their traditional businesses. Since Maxim Integrated chips are used to build these automation systems, they get a unique perspective on how automation system design has to evolve or, in some cases, change as companies attempt to put their automation systems online to take advantage of the IIoT. This article briefly introduces the IIoT and focuses on the security challenges in IIoT that must be solved to implement secure IIoT-capable end systems.
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Gazebo: Let Your Robots Do The Talking

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Behind every robot there is a story of how it was made. Though there was no mama robot or papa robot, there is a story of ideation, prototyping, debugging and the usual repeat till satisfied. In my humble opinion, if humans could be brought into this world the same way, we would all be far better off, but that is a different story and a different scheme of thinking.
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Development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chip to Boost Efficiency in Predictive Maintenance for Smart Factories

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The chip is expected to enable more efficient prediction of machine failures by processing and analyzing data gathered by sensors in real-time, paving the way for greater asset productivity and lower overall maintenance costs.
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Meet MRPT: The C++ Robotic Destination

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You wake up in the morning and your cup of hot, steaming coffee is brought right up to your bed. Breakfast is just the way you like it, the house is clean and your car is ready for you. Your 24/7 staff at the office is all charged up and working at a pace you can only begin to comprehend. Everything is in its right place, your schedule fixed and presentations complete. Sounds like your personal assistant is too good to be true! Right?
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