Development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chip to Boost Efficiency in Predictive Maintenance for Smart Factories

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The chip is expected to enable more efficient prediction of machine failures by processing and analyzing data gathered by sensors in real-time, paving the way for greater asset productivity and lower overall maintenance costs.
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Deep Learning Makes Conventional Machine Learning Look Dumb

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Global media has called inventor and author Ray Kurzweil everything from ‘restless genius’ and ‘the ultimate thinking machine’ to ‘rightful heir to Thomas Edison’ and ‘one of the 16 revolutionaries who made America.’ His list of inventions is long—from flat-bed scanners to synthesisers and reading machines for the visually-impaired. He has over 20 honorary doctorates, and has founded a string of successful companies.
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Meet MRPT: The C++ Robotic Destination

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You wake up in the morning and your cup of hot, steaming coffee is brought right up to your bed. Breakfast is just the way you like it, the house is clean and your car is ready for you. Your 24/7 staff at the office is all charged up and working at a pace you can only begin to comprehend. Everything is in its right place, your schedule fixed and presentations complete. Sounds like your personal assistant is too good to be true! Right?
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Facebook's new 360 cameras bring exploration to live videos

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They're designed to produce more-immersive content.
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Cloud-Compatible Wi-Fi Module Simplifies and Secures IoT and M2M Applications

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The latest Cloud-compatible Wi-Fi module from STMicroelectronics is set to accelerate development of all kinds of IoT and M2M devices. The new module provides advanced Internet-security and application protocols, and features a microcontroller capable of supporting operation in standalone or serial-to-Wi-Fi modes.
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Search For The Organic Blue Is In Full Swing

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Benefits of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) go beyond simple static image quality and the responsiveness and smoothness of the display itself. These are capable of refresh rates a 1000 times faster than standard LED-backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. So these can easily catch a blur that might have been lost in traditional displays.
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An Emerging Class Of Graphene Based Electronics

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In an era of electronics based civilisation there is always a demand for more, faster, better and cheaper electronic devices. Electronics started with copper wires and moved to semiconductors (silicon and germanium) base, but now scientists and engineers are putting in efforts to design and develop graphene based electronics for which new applications that fulfil all qualities of desired electronics are emerging very fast. These electronics meet the demands of electronic device-happy and data-centred world of consumers.
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TI unveils industry's highest power density 12-V, 10-A, 10-MHz DC/DC converter

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Ultra-small SWIFT™ step-down converter features unique topology to achieve four times higher current density
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